Atlantyca Entertainment

A trans-media entertainment company, Atlantyca Entertainment maintains Production & Distribution, Licensing, Publishing, Foreign Rights Sales and Atlantyca Live divisions. The company manages the IP rights for the Geronimo Stilton brand and all of its franchises.  Atlantyca is theproducer of “Geronimo Stilton” the animated seriesfeaturing the adventures of the most famous mouse journalist.The 3 Seasons of the animated series, including the brand new Season 3,  “The New Adventures of Geronimo Stilton”, delivered at the end of 2016,  have been sold in more than 130 countries around the world and counting.

Atlantyca’s Production arm has also recentely delivered its new animated comedy adventure series “Bat Pat” (52 x 11min.)with co-production partners Imira Entertainment and Mondo TV. “Bat Pat” is a spooky animated adventure-comedy that proves the supernatural isn’t always evil – just misunderstood. Rai Fiction (Italy) and RTVE (Spain) are broadcast and participation partners.The series is already sold in more than 16 countries with succesfull ratings results in Spain, Italy, Belgium, UK and the Nordics.

Atlantyca’s distribution arm represents a growing library of entertainment properties for children which includes the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Enterprises for Italy and “Dive Olly Dive”, “Nutri Ventures” and “Jurassic Cubs”

The Licensing division manages the international licensing initiatives for all the “Geronimo Stilton” and “Bat Pat” brands and any character spin-offs. Moreover it’s the Exclusive Italian Agent for the Junior Catalogue of ZDF Enterprises.

Atlantyca’s Foreign Rights division is specifically dedicated to securing sales of publishing rights for the Geronimo Stilton books and over 1700 additional titles for other IP owned properties, boasting6.300 granted agreements for translations in over 47 languages.

Atlantyca Live is the integrated division dedicated to the planning, creation, production and development of live stage shows for all of Atlantyca’s owned properties which include the “Geronimo Stilton,” its spin-off series, “Bat Pat” and “Agatha Mystery” brands.