Munhwa Broadcasting Corp. (MBC)


As a leading terrestrial broadcaster in Korea with 98 percent of nationwide coverage, MBC has been constantly loved by Korean viewers since its establishment in 1961. MBC hallmark reality program <Infinite Challenge> is a cultural icon of Korea since its first broadcast in 2006, <Show! Music Core> is at the center of the K-pop fever, while <I Am a Singer>, <The King of Mask Singer> and <Duet Song Festival> please viewers with quality music and unique competition format. Moreover, <Where Are We Going, Dad?>, <The Real Men> and <My Little Television> achieved record high ratings and their formats have been sold abroad, opening a new chapter of Korean entertainment programs, as well as scripted drama formats, going global.

Title: <Duet Song Festival>

Logline : A stage where dreams are made as you sing a duet with a top singer!

Synopsis : “Duet Song Festival” is a music show that pairs famous professional singers with non-professionals to compete together in a singing contest. Anyone can send in videos of themselves singing with brief personal introductions that professional singers will judge. The professional singers evaluate the videos and meet select applicants to check their singing ability face-to-face. The professional singers will request applicants to sing together, while the applicants get to choose who they will team up with to form a terrific duet partnership. The duet teams will perform on stage in front of 500 live audiences who will vote for their favorite duet team.

Title: <W>

Logline : Two Worlds Apart

Synopsis : Heart surgeon Oh Yeon-joo learns that her father, a famous comic book artist has gone missing. When she goes to her father’s studio, she is kidnapped by a man who splattered with blood all over her clothes. Her instincts as a doctor kick in, and she saves the man’s life. But she stumbles upon the realization that the man is not from this world. Crossing into the virtual world of “W” and real world creates all sorts of unexpected situations that lead to conflict and danger.

Title: <King of Mask Singer>

Logline : Leave your fame at the door. The real battle is about to begin!

Synopsis : Eight celebrity contestants wearing a mask will engage in a song battle and 100 live studio audiences will vote for the winner. Each loser in the individual match-ups will be asked to take off their mask, and reveal themselves. The show will follow a tournament format and the winner will get to keep their mask on throughout the show. Who will be crowned the King of Mask Singer at the end?

Title: <My Little Television>

Logline : A TV competition show that will occupy the internet search engines!

Synopsis : Fiercely-competitive celebrity hosts air their live video podcast in real-time, and the viewers from all over the world will choose which podcast to watch. Celebrities and experts from different fields develop content for individual video podcasts that are aired on live streaming online show, which will be edited and aired on Free TV channel. The contestants must juggle their dual roles as podcast creator and podcast host as they compete to get the highest number of views before the show ends.

Title: <The Mania>

Logline : The human race has evolved thanks to maniacs!

Synopsis : Many of the brilliant minds in history were maniacs in their times and their “nerdy” ideas led to inventions and great leaps forward in development. But sadly, maniacs have been treated poorly by their peers. In reality, these maniacs should be seen as creative minds who expand our knowledge. And these people spend a lot of time pursuing deeper knowledge with an obsession and wish to share it with others. This show brings together maniacs of different colors and special areas and the show will fact-check and test the new ideas that these maniacs have discovered by themselves with a purpose to educate and impart knowledge to viewers.