Association of Copyright Content Creators


Association of Copyright Content Creators /ACCC/, a consortium of legal entities, was established with the purpose of uniting production companies and providers of creative copyright content and to enable them through business cooperation, capacity building and creative exchange to develop their innovative potential for competitive production targeted both to local and global markets.

We would like to be recognized as a reliable partner to Bulgarian and foreign independent content creators in all stages of the creative process – from concept to distribution.

Our activities cover:

  • providing information, consulting and training activities in the sphere of intellectual property and other similar rights
  • organization of information meetings and consultations in Bulgaria in order to increase the capacity of the companies for cluster membership and to assist the individual authors in the process of registration and protection of copyrights and products;
  • organization and participation in national and international conferences, seminars, forums, workshops
  • participation in international exhibitions, fairs and TV markets for the purpose of placement and distribution of members’ production

We are looking for film and documentary co-production and TV format licensing.

If you are interested in becoming a part of a vibrant and diverse network of content creators, please contact us at

Association of Copyright Content Creators,
Bulgaria, Sofia 1000 , 23 Angel Kantchev Str. fl. 1