Kanal D International


Attending World Content Market again this year, Kanal D International is a global media company creating world class content for all platforms as part of a dedicated media player in Turkey with more than 25 years of experience and has combined all multimedia assets.

Kanal D International distributes programs and formats around the world, and develops, finances and co-produces new titles for the international market. The team works with some of the best creative talent in the business, with a catalogue containing a diverse and exciting range of programming spanning drama, mini-series, soap opera, programs, a library and international titles.

Kanal D International has over 100.000 hours of programs and 60.000 episodes. Kanal D International reaches audiences in more than 150 countries and territories, including Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Latam, Americas, Africa, Asia, MENA region, Middle East, Balkans and the Far East.


A modern tale of “Snow-White and Huntsman”, told under the shadows of skyscrapers of a Metropolis, surrounded by dark circles of civilization, power and dirty money.  For Ferhat “taking lives” is all he knows; for Aslı “giving” is…

Ferhat is a hitman working for his criminal uncle. Aslı is a young and idealistic doctor. One day, their roads cross in the most unexpected way as Aslı is forced to operate on a man that Ferhat had shot. When Aslı witnesses the murder of the man she operated, she is obliged to marry with Ferhat to save her life.

Starting as a forced marriage, this unwanted relationship will turn into a passionate love. But this time Ferhat’s dark world will become the biggest obstacle in front of them. In the love story of two complete opposites, “black” and “white”; what would be the “price” of passion; giving or taking lives, including their own?  Experiencing dangerous events together and being a kind of “partners in crime” will bring them closer each day.

Kanal D’s Price of Passion, appeals to the female audience with it’s strong character driven intriguing story.

For each episode, nearly 250.000 tweets are posted. The love between Aslı and Ferhat became a social media phenomenon with #AsFerhashtag. The chemistry between the characters and their sarcastic dialogues became a love mark through the fans of the show.

Starring two great actors İbrahim Çelikkol as Ferhat and BirceAkalay as Aslı, Price of Passion also draws international audiences attention. The title has already licensed to CEE & CIS regions and many other deals are on the go.

Sales Team

Emrah Turna, Director – International Content Sales & Business Development
Deniz Cantutan – Sales Manager Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Meeting Point: Stand 45

Salmi Gambarova – Sales Executive Southeast Asia & CIS