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Emmanuel Gout
Senior advisor and shareholder
About Premium Content

“About Premium Content” was founded in 2014 by a groupe of managers coming from top experiences in media such as Canal Plus, Lagardere, France Televisions, Zodiak Media…

Basically, we are financing, sales and distribution boutique, specialised in premium TV content with international potential.

During the first years of activity we followed UK and Scandinavian market together with french market but we also started to pay attention to new potential market, both for the distribution offer and their creativity in terms of new references in TV series.

We definitely want to keep the dimension and the quality of services of a “boutique”. Our core business is international distribution but our involvement is also what we call “financing search” to secure production co-financing. The third service we provide is what we call “co-pro distribution”, an interesting service for the producers which means less complexity on a creative standpoint.

APC is following Russia and attending the TV Market because it represents a strong access to all markets from CIS countries.

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