Record TV


Record TV started its transmissions on September 27th, 1953. Over the years, Record became the network that has mostly contributed to the evolution of Brazilian Popular Music. Its history composed of successful programs and initiatives that had helped the Brazilian culture and society.

Record TV Network reinforces Record TV in the international market, offering our clients high quality products that have been a hit in our country. Our portfolio includes successful soap operas, series and documentaries, such as “The Slave Isaura”, “Proof of Love”, “These Women”, “Joseph from Egypt”, “King David” and “Moses and the Ten Commandments” and many others.


Right now our most highlighted production is the 1st epic soap opera “Moses and the Ten Commandments”. Spanning over one hundred years of history, “Moses and the Ten Commandments” is a retelling of one of the most famous events of the bible: the story of Moses.  It depicts his birth to the arrival of his people in the Promise Land, through the Red Sea crossing and the encounter with God on Mount Sinai.

As the well-known story leads Moses to His encounter with God in the desert of Sinai at the burning bush, to fulfilling his calling to confront the mighty Pharaoh and demand freedom for his people, magnificent special effects depict the ten plagues that ravish the land of Egypt, and then the awe-inspiring crossing of the Red Sea on dry ground.

With 176 episodes, the telenovela is based in four books from the Old Testament (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). It has a cast with over 110 actors and sets in the Atacama Desert and a scenographic city of 7.000 m2. The special effects for the ten plagues and the parting of the Red Seas were developed alongside Hollywood, with Stargate Studios.

Take a look below at some numbers of the production:

  • 27 average points: leader in the National Market for six episodes, an unheard feat in Brazilian TV history
  • In Rio de Janeiro, we stayed 21 days on the top spot and registered 32 average points
  • In Recife we were 4 months as the leading show and reached 33 average points
  • In Goiania we stayed 72 days on the top spot with 30 average points
  • In Brazil, Record registered a growth of 134%: the production premiered with 12 average points and reached 28 average points
  • Telenovelas from other networks lost 29 times in São Paulo
  • It revolutionized Brazilian TV, coming on top, for the 1st time in history, of the main journalistic competitor


In April, Record will launch its new soap opera time slot at 7:30 PM. Using 4K technology, the production tells the story of Juliana, mother of slave Isaura.

Juliana falls in love with Miguel and they live an intense and exciting love story. Together they will face powerful enemies and overcome obstacles that seem insurmountable, as the prejudices of a time living in the shadow of slavery.


Delmar Andrade – International Sales Director
Edson Mendes – International Sales Manager
+55 (11) 3300-4022