Caracol TV


Paloma Garcia Cuesta, International Executive Sales Europe, Caracol TV

Can you tell us about your projects available for Russia and Russian speaking countries?

We are presenting in this market 2 new fiction titles,  THE GIRL and THE WHITE SLAVE, and a new entertainment format called ON ANOTHER LEVEL.

The Girl (series 80x1h) is based on real life events and tells the life of a young girl who was recruited by force by the guerilla, where she lived in first-hand the horror of war and after many years she decides to leave the armed group to start a path back to society which won’t be easy. In its premiere last  26th April got 38.8% share in Caracol TV (Colombia) and it is the highest rated fiction series released in Colombian television  within 2016.


The  White Slave (series 60x1h): This mega-production tells the story of Victoria, a woman known by everybody as a marquise who arrived in America to marry a prosperous businessman from the region. However, the truth is very different, because years ago, she was rescued from death and raised in secret by slaves who became her family; she was taken from the hands of her loved ones to be sent to Spain, because according to society, a white woman couldn’t live with slaves. With time, she decides to confront anybody who gets in her way to rescue her family, confront the person who killed her parents and meet the man she would give her life for. Great ratings in CARACOL TV with a media share of 33%, sold in all Latam, and dubbed in English it will be released in Asia and Africa.


It is already sold in various territories in Eastern Europe: Poland, Armenia, ex-Yugoslavian countries and in conversations with other countries.  Available in Russia and CIS.

On Another Level, Colombian’s number one musical format in audiences’ s– It is a music talent. Starting with  101 participants of which only 4 accomplished to reach the final, where the reward is a tour of concerts around the country, and a great winner who will have the privilege of signing with the record label Sony Music to record their first album.


Spectacular set with an elevator which functions as a traffic light on where the color indicates the different levels the contestants can rise  and increase their possibilities to be the winner.

Only the talent to sign and the ability to perform in different music genres will be the key for be the winner.

In audience figures it has been the entertainment programme with higher ratings in Colombia in 2016 and the number one primetime’s programme this year.

Can you tell us about your strategies in this region?

We strong believe in this region and this is why we bring here our latest hits of fiction and entertainment, both type already made and format.

This market approaches to a big, strong and improved number of territories and clients, and we want to provide them as much type of programs as possible to fulfill its programming’s needs.

Our best strategy in this region as for the rest of the territories is to keep doing the best possible products, as always we have done, with strong stories and ambitious productions. The success of these 3 productions isa clear example of a great productions and a great histories are the best way of captivating audiences around the world.

Our series have always get great demand for international markets and I think it’s partly because they manage to have constant dramatic twists for all production.

Always go beyond what the audience expects and is for this reason that we have not only set international trends with genres such as the narconovelas and the bioseries, but that our products get high levels of audience where they are issued.