Screenings VIP2000TV will be held in the Conference Hall on 15 November, 17:00

Sales contact:

Roxana Rotundo
Ph: +1 (305) 373-2400
1200 Brickell Ave. Ste. 1575, Miami, 33131, USA

VIP2000TV is proud to present 3 of it’s productions, available worldwide as format or as production:

Proof of faith:  1 hour TV show, produced in different locations of Latin America. Each episode, dramatizes one of the 3 miracles needed as proof by the Vatican, to proceed with the canonization of a new Saint or to reconfirm the holiness of an existing one. 1eps. – 1 Saint.  Season 1: 20 eps.x 45’ and  40 episodes already written and available for production.

Some of the titles of our episodes are:

  • Theresa of Calcutta
  • John Paul II
  • Francisco of Assisi
  • Dimas
  • Juan Bosco
  • Rose of Lima
  • Martin of Porres
  • Anthony of Padua
  • Jude Thaddeus
  • Valentine
  • and more…

Escándalos: 1 hour TV shows, produced in HD, in different locations of Latin America and USA. In each episode, the spectator will recognize a re-enacted scandal that has had worldwide media coverage. Season 1: 45 eps.x 45’ and 120 episodes written and available for production.

Some of the titles of our Escandalos are:

  • The Intern – based on Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky
  • Color of the Law – based on O.J Simpson
  • Pretty Girl – based on Brooke Shields
  • A am not a Woman – based on Charity, Cher’s daughter
  • The Perfect Cut – based on Lorena Bobbit
  • Against the Ropes – based on Oscar de la Hoya
  • Behind the President – based on Obama’s bodyguard’s in Cartagena
  • I was always a Woman – based on Bruce Jenner
  • Fraternity – based on Charles Manson
  • and more…..

Zap Novelas: New TV Genre. Time passes, now everything is faster, but our emotions are always the same.  That’s why Zap Novela brings this new genre for worldwide television that will be able to be seen in any platform. Literature classics adapted to modern times in 5 eps. x 1 hour. It is the perfect choice for your TV screen between the last eps. of a Telenovela and the beginning of a new one.  Some of the classics we are bringing to live with Zap Novelas are:

  • Wuthering Heights
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray
  • The Lady of the Camellias
  • Othello
  • Cyrano de Bergerac
  • The Beauty and the Beast